NOTFEA planned for 2021 has been cancelled due to COVID-19. Please plan on joining us in 2022!  

Dear NOTFEA members,

 I am proud to announce that the 40th NOTFEA Conference will be held in San Antonio, Texas on June 26-30, 2022 at the Omni Hotel & Resorts La Mansion on the historic San Antonio Riverwalk. We are in the process of finalizing the conference agenda and working with external partners to secure off-site training locations that will provide hands on experiences related to odometer fraud.  San Antonio has a very rich culture full of history, art, and amazing food.  Please save the date for the 2022 conference and we hope to see you there!

Please continue to stay safe and feel free to contact me if you need assistance or have question. 

Thank you,

Robert Foster

NOTFEA President



Odometer on Dashboard


The purpose of NOTFEA is to deter odometer, rebuilt/salvage, and other title fraud through: Promoting and encouraging cooperation and fostering a working relationship among law enforcement and consumer protection agencies, licensing and motor vehicle departments, the automotive industry (including manufacturers, dealers, leasing companies, and auctions), and individuals interested in deterring such fraud by developing a network of those persons and organizations;

Training NOTFEA members and the public in the detection of altered and counterfeit titles; Developing and sharing investigative information and techniques, prosecutorial documents and techniques, and other educational materials among appropriate members; Monitoring legislation as well as industry and government policies that have an effect on such fraud; and Promoting public awareness of odometer and rebuilt/salvage fraud and its economic impact.

If you have fraud to report please use this link to find out how in your state.