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NOTFEA membership is restricted to individuals working for law enforcement, consumer protection agencies, licensing and motor vehicle departments, and investigators who are responsible for detecting, deterring, and prosecuting odometer, salvage/rebuild and motor vehicle title fraud under state, federal and other applicable regulations. Membership consists of eligible persons elected by a majority vote of the Board of Directors at any Board of Directors meeting. Your membership is started anytime you attend a conference. If you are not able to attend a conference, we do have an application you can complete and still be a member of our organization for just $25 a year.  Here is a Nonattendee Application.

Associate Membership

To apply you must contact for membership information.

Persons who do not qualify for active membership but who represent an organization, business, company or philanthropic endeavor known for objectives consistent with those of NOTFEA and who contribute a sum of money to the Association annually in a sum not less than that of current registration fees, are eligible to become associate members. Acceptability of an associate member shall be determined by the Board of Directors, after examination of the qualifications and suitability of such person to become a member of NOTFEA. Associate members shall have the privileges of any active member, except holding office or sitting on the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may at its discretion exclude associate members from any particular topic, program or training session pertaining to confidential law enforcement information.

Contact Information

For more information about NOTFEA you can contact Jason Shrader at or Jenny Stanger at