Lance D. Thomas Awards

Lance D. ThomasThe Lance D. Thomas Achievement Award has been presented at the National Odometer and Title Fraud Enforcement Association (NOTFEA) annual training Conference since 1995. The Award is to recognize members for noteworthy achievements in odometer and vehicle fraud cases. The award is in honor of the late Lance D. Thomas, one of the original investigators with U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) when the unit was formed in 1977. This was Lance’s second career as he was retired as a Colonel in the U.S. Marines Corps. Lance was assigned to NHTSA’s, Atlanta Regional Office, until his death in 1997. Those who were fortunate to have worked with Lance remember him as a true gentleman, trusted colleague and a tenacious Investigator.



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Lance D. Thomas Award Recipients



Chris Rouze – Director – CO Dept of Revenue – Auto Industry Division


Earl Pence – Investigator V – TxDMV

Kevin Porter – Supervisory Special Agent – NHTSA


Don Cloud – Senior Field Investigator – Indiana Secretary of State


William “Bill” A. Biondo – General Motors


David Buehrle – Supervisory Special Agent – Missouri Department of Revenue

Robert Foster – State Investigator – Texas Dept. of Motor Vehicles


Nick Humphrey, Administrator – Missouri Department of Revenue


Gary Mitchell, Special Agent-in-Charge, U.S. DOT / NHTSA / Office of Odometer Fraud Investigation.

Casey Edds, Investigative Assistant, U.S. DOT/NHTSA / Office of Odometer Fraud Investigation


Kim McCluskey, Investigator – Wisconsin Department of Transportation.


Wendell Espeland, Special Agent-in-Charge, U.S. DOT / NHTSA / Office of Odometer Fraud Investigation.


David Sullivan, Trial Attorney, US Department of Justice – Consumer Protection Branch.


Charles “Chuck” R. Stepter, Jr., Partner Fishback, Dominick, Bennett, Stepter, Ardaman, Ahlers & Langley LLP.


David Sparks, Office Director, US DOT / NHTSA / Office of Odometer Fraud Investigation.


Jerry Conrad, Fraud Unit Manager, West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles.

Berta Phelps, Vice President, Manheim Auto Auction.


Jerry Auch, Compliance and Dealer Services Manager, North Dakota DOT.

Allan Gordus, Attorney, US Department of Justice-OCL.

Alan Phelps, Attorney, US Department of Justice-OCL.


Kenny Roylance, Inv. WY Dept of Transportation.


Holly Merz, Inv. Iowa Attorney General.

Lyle Paulson, Administrator, NDDOT, Motor Vehicle Div.


Mary Marvin, Supv. Inv., Colorado MVB.

Tony Bartolome, Lt., Florida Highway Patrol.

Rodley Henry, Director, Louisiana Department of Justice.


Mary Ann Wehmueller, Dep. Attorney General, Indiana.


Kerry Kirkpatrick, Commander, IA Dept. of Transp.

Russell Laurens, Senior Inv., GA Office of Cons. Affairs.


LaDonna Devenberg, Investigator, CA DMV.

Bill Kadlowec, Chief Investigator, SC Dept. of Con. Affairs.


Monte Czaplewski, Special Agent, USDOT/NHTSA.


 Ron Wedekind, Lieutenant, FL Highway Patrol.


Doug Stern, Attorney, US Department of Justice-OCL.

Bill Burton, Section Supervisor, MI Department of State.


Charlie Bradley, Special Agent, TN Highway Patrol.

Jay Bratt, Attorney, US Department of Justice-OCL.

Doug Cannon, Assistant US Attorney, NC.

Bob Eppes, Special Agent, USDOT/NHTSA, MO.

Ken Jost, Assistant Director, US Dept. of Justice-OCL.


Gary Dickinson, Dir. of Security, ADT Automotive Inc.,TN.

John Kelly, Dep. Attorney General, PA Office of Atty. Gen.

Jon Setzer, Special Agent, USDOT/NHTSA, CO.


Jim Arnold, Attorney, US Department of Justice-OCL.

Linda Marks, Attorney, US Department of Justice-OCL.


Tom Ley, Special Agent, MO Criminal Investigation Bureau.

Jim Scripture, Special Agent, MA Federal Bureau of Inv.

Dan Stodden, Investigator, CA Department of Motor Vehicles.