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Don’t forget to mark your calendar to attend the National Odometer and Title Fraud Association’s (NOTFEA) annual conference June 14th-18th, 2020! The conference will be at Richmond Marriott in Richmond, Virginia. Hotel reservation information will be posted once available.

If your job includes investigating vehicle crimes, this is a training conference you cannot afford to miss!

Here is the Tenative Agenda  for 2020.

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Past NOTFEA conference locations:

We have been to many exciting and enjoyable cities. If you would like to sponsor a future Conference, please speak to an Officer or Board Member.

2019: St Louis, Missouri
2018: Savannah, Georgia
2017: Charlotte, North Carolina
2016: Park City, Utah
2015: Nashville, Tennessee
2014: Indianapolis, Indiana
2013: Fort Worth, Texas
2012: Green Bay, Wisconsin
2011: Charleston, West Virginia
2010: St. Louis, Missouri
2009: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
2008: Park City, Utah
2007: Charleston, West Virginia
2006: Louisville, Kentucky
2005: San Antonio, Texas
2004: Chicago, Illinois
2003: Annapolis, Maryland
2002: Anaheim, California
2001: New Orleans, Louisiana
2000: Denver, Colorado
1999: Seattle, Washington
1998: Daytona, Florida
1997: Bismarck, North Dakota
1996: Charleston, South Carolina
1995: San Diego, California
1994: Detroit, Michigan
1993: Nashville, Tennessee
1992: Indianapolis, Indiana
1991: Salt Lake City, Utah
1990: St. Petersburg Beach, Florida
1989: Reno, Nevada
1988: Baltimore, Maryland
1987: Atlanta, Georgia
1986: St. Louis, Missouri
1985: Chicago, Illinois
1984: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1983: Nashville, Tennessee
1982: Williamsburg, Virginia
1981: No conference
1980: Williamsburg, Virginia