Our conference has once again been postponed due to Corona Virus COVID 19.  Please make plans to join us in 2022!

Dear NOTFEA members,

 The Board of Directors have been in constant communication discussing the 2021 conference scheduled for Columbus, OH.  Regrettably, we are canceling the annual conference due to COVID-19.  The health and welfare of our members and families are a top priority.  Second, many state agencies continue to restrict travel or face budget restrictions due to COVID-19.  This is now the third conference that has been canceled since NOTFEA was created in 1980. 

I am proud to announce that the 40th NOTFEA Conference will be held in San Antonio, Texas on June 26-30, 2022 at the Omni Hotel & Resorts La Mansion on the historic San Antonio Riverwalk. We will continue to be in communication with the members with developments and information about hotels, events, and registration links.

Please stay safe and feel free to contact me if you need assistance or have question.

Thank you,

 Robert Foster

NOTFEA President


Past NOTFEA conference locations:

We have been to many exciting and enjoyable cities. If you would like to sponsor a future Conference, please speak to an Officer or Board Member.

2019: St Louis, Missouri
2018: Savannah, Georgia
2017: Charlotte, North Carolina
2016: Park City, Utah
2015: Nashville, Tennessee
2014: Indianapolis, Indiana
2013: Fort Worth, Texas
2012: Green Bay, Wisconsin
2011: Charleston, West Virginia
2010: St. Louis, Missouri
2009: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
2008: Park City, Utah
2007: Charleston, West Virginia
2006: Louisville, Kentucky
2005: San Antonio, Texas
2004: Chicago, Illinois
2003: Annapolis, Maryland
2002: Anaheim, California
2001: New Orleans, Louisiana
2000: Denver, Colorado
1999: Seattle, Washington
1998: Daytona, Florida
1997: Bismarck, North Dakota
1996: Charleston, South Carolina
1995: San Diego, California
1994: Detroit, Michigan
1993: Nashville, Tennessee
1992: Indianapolis, Indiana
1991: Salt Lake City, Utah
1990: St. Petersburg Beach, Florida
1989: Reno, Nevada
1988: Baltimore, Maryland
1987: Atlanta, Georgia
1986: St. Louis, Missouri
1985: Chicago, Illinois
1984: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1983: Nashville, Tennessee
1982: Williamsburg, Virginia
1981: No conference
1980: Williamsburg, Virginia